Review: Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops


I was introduced this by my friend who recently bought this product loved the way her skin was looking after applying this product. I was tempted to purchase this, as I saw many blogger review this product on YouTube mixing with their foundation or using it as highlighters. Since summer has approached the UK I feel my skin needs the ultimate glow. I purchased the shade ‘Sunlight’ which is the illuminator drops which is used for highlighter and glowing purposes. There are also bronze products to give your skin more of a tan glow.


The price I paid for this product was £34 from SpaceNK. This was reasonably fair price but I didn’t have many places to compare to and SpaceNK seemed to only sell Cover FX in the UK.


The packaging of the product can be described as a serum bottle. There a drip applicator which I find it easy to apply on the desired liquid product rather poor a huge amount, this a unique take towards a regular pump that majority of brands use for this type of bottles. There is only 15ml pf product inside which is a lot compared to a lot of products like the drops it’s noticed they seemed to have less.


The colour I have chosen is sunlight, the reason for choosing this is because its a fair bronze colour which suits my medium skin tone. There were a range of colours available for all types of skin tones.


The custom enhancer drops states that this is ideal for liquid products. So as recommend I used have mixed it with my foundation, I applied four drops before mixing it in and then applying on my skin. I noticed there was a slight glow to my skin that wasn’t produce by oil. I also used this as highlighter, I applied four small drops on the high points of my cheekbones before blending it into my skin.

Overall Review

I am really impressed by this product. I tend to shy away from these products, but I was glad to be introduced to this product because I really find that it can easily be worn in the summer season.


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