Summer Skin Routine


Now summer has arrived my skin tends to get a lot oily and sun can easily damage my skin. In order for my skin to remain fresh looking and radiant I had to change my skin routine to suit the sunny weather. So heres my summer skin routine.


Using a Hydrating mask

A mask especially the GLAMGLOW Flashmud Brightening treatment to make my skin feel luminous and make my skin brighten. Using a mask gives my skin a deep cleanse especially all the dirt the skin collects throughout the day I love to use this mask in order to keep my skin feeling luminous.



I decided to switch from my Liz Earle skincare to test out the new Clinique 3 step plan. This is where their products aims for your particular skin types. As mine is mainly combination skin, these products pictured above insure my skin stays hydrated a looking fresh all day long. So far, I have noticed my skin is so much smoother than it was before. The products I feel are very intense compared to the Liz Earle this could be the ingredients that are used between the two brands. Also I have noticed how a lot of spots having arrived since using Clinique however no other spots have been appearing at this moment, but it did put me off quite a bit.

Finally a MUST in your skincare is moisturiser especially with SPF this ensures that you skin will not burn or get any hyper pigmentation. It’s important for your skin not to be damaged, you can also apply sun screen before apply any moisturiser if you wish you to have a higher SPF.


One thought on “Summer Skin Routine

  1. I have to change up my skincare routine every season. Even with my normal combo skin, I’ve got to balance out my routines depending on what’s going on in the season and personally too! Looking forward to following more! Tonye 🌸🌍👣😍


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