My Top Five Nude Lipsticks


Finding that perfect nude lipstick is so hard especially when there are so many on the market. Nude lipsticks has become a craze in the beauty world, where everyone wants to find that perfect nude they want to wear everyday. Here are my top five nude lipsticks to which I swear by.

1. Dolce K by Kylie Cosmetics

If you keep up with previous blog posts you know in My Holy Grail Products I stated that this was my favourite liquid lipstick ever. This is my all time brown nude shade, I always get compliments how well it suits my medium complexion. I do praise to how well the product stays and lasts on my lips whatever the weather and time of day. I tend not to stay away from my Dolce K liquid lipstick it always seems to come back. I love it so much I had to buy another one as well.

2. Taupe Matte lipstick by MAC Cosmetics

The most ideal brown nude shade that I love in a lipstick form, I do wish MAC recreates this product in a liquid lipstick form. This was my first ever nude lipstick for MAC after someone recommended to me. I don’t feel this has gotten much wear from when I first bought it, but nevertheless I still continue to feel this is my top five nude lipstick.


3. Gemini by Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I have expanded more of my Jeffree Star lipsticks since I wrote my previous blogpost on the lipsticks. I expanded in getting more of the nudes and red lipsticks that are offered on BeautyBay rather than the actual website, mainly because shipping works out cheaper! The reason I put this in my favourites is that not only the formula is beautiful but also this colour so hard I find to be recreate. It has hints of pink in the formula making it not so heavy for daytime wear.

4. Trendsetter by Huda Beauty

Transitioning on to some pink nude favourites of mine. I adore how well this colour looks on my complexion. I used to fear the colour will wash out against my skin but instead it gives my complexion a healthy colour to my lips. I enjoy how well the formula applies on my lips as well as stay on it. I enjoy how the colour suits mainly the spring and summer times as it is light to wear on the lips.


5. Glamour Era, Mineralize Rich by MAC Cosmetics

A creamy lipstick by MAC cosmetics. This colour offers a light rosy tint on the lips. The creaminess of the lipsticks allows the lips not to dry and give off a shiny finish like a gloss. I adore how well the colour sits and suits my skin I rarely would wear this colour but on the occasion I do it never seems to fail me.


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