Why I will never order from Kylie Cosmetics again…

On a Friday night, my friend snapchats me an offer that Kylie has on her website with her cosmetics. I was almost tempted to get it, as I wanted to get some for quite a while. My shopping bag was ready I has the opportunity to select TWO free lipkits and purchased it at the checkouts. Instantly I received a confirmation and proceeded to wait a few days for the order to be processed.

Now I have bought Kylie cosmetics for almost two years now, never have I had problem with customer service, their delivery and processing time. Even with seeing so many complaints and lost orders around social media and with many Youtubers I am lucky to have never experience anything type of service from this company.

Normally I wait about four days for the order processing to be complete and it would take a good week to arrive in the UK where I receive a (huge) customs charge to pay, but its no biggie.

Here I am, on a Friday night scrolling through my emails trying to find an email about my order. I email customer service sadly, I was sent a automatic email back that I should hear from them soon. I was scrolling through Twitter to see so many people are facing these problems as well, however it’s not the new launches of the products it the just normal product as well! I’ve seen people having their order being processed after 10 DAYS, which exceeds the usual time of their processing.

I feel as the year has flown by, Kylie cosmetics have not been with the usual customer service when they first started out. I fear that maybe my order would be shipping somewhere else or it never ships! Now, I know I shouldn’t be disheartened by this one time thing, as the company may be overflowing with many orders. I am just disappointed that in the many times I’ve ordered with Kylie I never experienced such a long process of my order being shipped.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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