Review: Urban Decay Concealer


After hearing so many talks and praises for this concealer I decided to purchase it to try it out on myself. So far, I am enjoying this concealer and how well it applies to my face. The consistency of the product is very thin which makes so easy to blend with a beauty blender.

I was skeptical when trying out a new concealer mainly as I don’t have the best experience with concealers, as many of the concealer that are suitable of my skin have a horrible orange undertone. I decided to use this concealer to highlight my under eyes and the high points of my face. Unfortunately because this a thin consistency I normally build this under with a colour corrector before applying the concealer onto my face.

The packaging of the product is a small sized bottle, smaller than my Nars concealer however the width doesn’t change how much product is in the bottle. I’ve noticed with my Nars one, the texture is more thick and high coverage than the Urban Decay one so, if you are looking for a concealer that is high coverage I would recommended the Nars one.


Overall, I enjoy the concealer a lot more than my Nars one. Despite being so thin, it’s best to build on top with colour corrector especially when covering any dark spots and circles.


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