Tips & Tricks: Clearing out your makeup


I find it so hard when I clear out my makeup, especially when a lot of items hold a sentimental meaning or I am obsessed with the lipstick especially when I know its supposed to go a long time ago. After clearing out my makeup last week, I was brutal on items I thought that I have to say goodbye too and give away to donate.

Assess how many items you have

Chances are, you don’t need 8 foundations to keep yourself satisfied. Whilst I kept some foundations for the sake of trying many makeup looks and reviewing them a lot of foundations, I kept and don’t enjoy anymore. I decided which ones only have a little bit of foundation left I will use and the ones I dislike I gave away or donate it.

Same colours, different brands?

A lot of the times, you would have the same colours but a mixture of brands. Evaluate the brands with the quality and shade of the product. My advice is don’t rely on just the brand’s name but you may throw away a valuable product! This can mainly apply to lipsticks but eyeshadows are included as well.

Check the expiration date

Many of the products will have a expiry date in the back of the packaging, this means it will have the months of how long you keep it. it’s best to stick to this due to hygenie reasons, however if it is stored in a good environment and kept well then it shouldn’t have been a problem. Unfortunately a lot of makeup I did have to throw away, because they were old so the consistency and smell changed.

Finally, buy some new makeup

This part is optional, but to make up for the fact that you have cleared majority of your makeup its time to fill the void with some new and exciting brands! Do not take this last point seriously at all!!


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