Review & Swatch: Jeffree Star Highlighter

These highlighters have been in the market for a long time. They are known for their pigmentation and their colours. Jeffree has brought out a range of colours that would suit a range of sin tones and your preferences. The ones I have got are King Tut and Dark Horse which suit perfectly for my medium complexation. I received my first highlighter for my birthday, which I am so pleased and happy about. The second one is what I received for free on BeautyBay when they were doing an offer involving the Jeffree Star products.


Formula & Texture:

When I had first swatched this highlighter with my finger I felt the formula was a bit creamy. The formula of the product is insanely pigmented. The colour pay off is amazing, when you swirl your finger around the compact. It shows beautifully on the face and the wonderful thing about this highlighter is that it is buildable so you can create a subtle or insane glow.


In the UK this is sold for £25 on BeautyBay, which is classified at a high end product. You can also get it from Jeffree Star’s cosmetic website for a slightly price but be expected to pay customs.


Best to Apply with:

I felt this product is best applied with the ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills A23 Illuminator Brush’ and the ‘NYX Cosmetics Fan brush’.

Overall Result:

Overall, I am pleased with this product. The quality of the product is insane and the amount of product you get is worth every price. Don’t be put off how big the compact is because it is a thin layer of product, which I feel is misleading for the consumer.



Please note the swatches depend on the colour on the complexion.


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