My Makeup Collection

As you can see in the pictures I own a ton of makeup. Sometimes, it hard to store makeup without overflowing all in drawers. The amount of times I had to change my makeup set up because it was either too much makeup or it wasn’t safe for the makeup to be stored that way. At this moment, I am storing my makeup in separate drawers accompanied with some acrylic storage which are available from MUJI.


My foundations, concealers, eyelashes and primers are all stored in here. I used the deep cases from MUJI for these because the bottles are big and bulky. As you can see I have lot of eyelashes that is overflowing! I love how wide the cases are so I can store a lot of products in there as well, as you can see.


I’ve separated my face products from bronzers and highlighters mainly because it was hard to keep track of how much highlighters I did have. Using this, gave me the opportunity to be able to enjoy every single product in my collection rather it being stacked upon one another. In the corner of the drawers, they are brow products, I don’t own a lot of brow products so I used a small case which fit all my products in.



At last, here is my favourite drawer my lipstick drawer. As you can see I own way to much lipsticks than the average but I love and enjoy each one. I separate and organise with every colour and tone as well as the type of lipsticks. Such as, my liquid lipsticks are organised with colours whereas my glosses and lipstick tubes are organised all together.

Finally, my most favourite storage in my collection is this brush holder which holds my sponges and brushes all in one place. I got this mainly because I didn’t like to idea of my brushes being so open and bacteria could get it. The misconception people can get is that this doesn’t hold a lot of brushes but it does! It’s really heavy packaging which makes it worth every penny I love it so much. There are two options on Amazon one without the lipstick holders which is a cheaper price.

Here are some links of the products mentioned in this post:

Lipstick case & Eyebrow case from MUJI

Foundation & Primer case from MUJI 

Brush Holder from Amazon



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