All About Colour Correcting




When I first approach colour correcting I found it difficult understand why it was part of makeup. The only colour I knew was the green colour to cover up redness because during my teenager years I suffered from a lot of spots which equaled a lot of redness on my skin. I was hesitant to try other colours that may benefit my skin so I never had the chance to explore what colour correcting was.

Why colour correct?

Colour correcting is done to make your skin look smooth and even. There are many colours available for all different skin colours so

Is it compulsory?

There is no rule that you have colour correct, most bloggers don’t correct because they either don’t need it or rely on foundation to maximise the coverage to make the skin looking smooth and perfect. I only do colour correct when I believe that my foundation won’t be able to over my dark circles and redness.


They are different shades in the colour correct palette that help target specific areas of the face:

Pale Pink–  The pale pink helps target blue-toned spots on Fair skin.
Green–  This helps camouflages the redness and this is perfect for all skin types.
Lavender– This cancels out yellow tones on the skin, this is mainly ideal on the cheeks and perfect for all skin tones.
Peach– This neutralises blue/purple shadows on Medium skin tones for example dark circles underneath the eyes.
Orangey-Pink– This helps cancel out dark spots mainly on Dark skin tones.
Yellow– This helps to conceals purple or darker toned shadows on Olive or Tan skin.


When I apply colour correcting I use a concealer brush to apply to certain areas to my face. then blend it in with a beauty blender until the colour is perfectly blended into my skin.





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