Review & Swatch: Colourpop Eyeshadows


A brief background about colourpop is that it is considered a drugstore brand. Unfortunately this is a US brand therefore no matter how affordable the product are you would need to take in consideration the amount of shipment and customs you would have to pay in the future. Besides that they do offer good priced products as well as their products having their money’s worth.


The colours I had chosen came in a set, which was called ‘Never not Chillin’. I have chosen this set mainly because I was drawn to the sparkly gold colour and the vibrant blue available. Sadly, this is a limited edition set so it is not sold on the colourpop site.

The colours available in this set are:

  • Peekaboo super shock shadows
  • Thirsty girl super shock shadow
  • Fairfax super shock shadow
  • Desert super shock shadow
  • Patchwork super shock shadows
  • Babykin super shock shadow


Texture & Pigmentation

The texture of the shadows are very creamy when applying on the eyes. It’s very different towards what i am used due to me using so many powder products so I was hesitant to use this when I first swatched it. As demonstrated in the swatches below it shows how pigmented that shadows are besides the last one which is a fair brown shade which blends so easily into my skin. The staying power of the shadows last all day after I set it with some powder to due the creamy texture and worrying that it might crease on my eyes.

Price & Shipping

The price of the shadows set cost around $30.00 which converts to around £24.00. Thankfully, I was provided with free shipping if I spent over a certain amount. However, if many of you ships to the UK from America you know that many of us will face customs which cost a lot of money. Since colourpop uses the company parcel force it cost me £8 for handling on top of what I spent on your goods. Unfortunately parcel spent a total of 2 weeks with my package which took twice as long on what I am used to when I am paying customs.


Overall Result

Overall, I am not a big fan of the colourpop shadows mainly because I tend not to use individual shadows. However, the quality of the shadows raised my expectations as it is considered a drugstore brand. Unfortunately, the amount of time customs put my package slightly put me off purchasing it and I don’t have much desire to purchase anything from this brand.



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