Liz Earle Skincare Review

Since the beginning of January I recently change my skincare routine to Liz Earle. I have heard so many positive responses towards the product as well as the wide variety of skin care products they offer. So after using the Liz Earle products for three months I decided to give a little review on my thoughts and feelings on this.



Facial Cleanser

I love to use this facial cleanser to take of my makeup in the evenings. It is recommended you use a wash cloth with it and warm water when using this cleanser to soothe the skin. The cleanser is very smooth and gentle on the skin. It’s ingredients are natural and you are less likely to break out from using the product. So far I have enjoyed using this cleanser and I do believe it has made a difference towards my skin.


The first thing I noticed when I used the toner is the smell, a fresh strong scent that you can tell this is made from natural ingredients. I use a cotton pad with the toner and gently smooth this over my face. Overall, the toner makes my face look fresh and glowing something which I believe, is hard for skincare products to achieve.



Although this was gifted to me, I would love to repurchase this again. However, with the price so high and being on a budget I am not sure if it is worth it no matter how I praise it. I might reconsider looking for cheaper and alternative options if I decide not to buy this again.

Overall Result

I love to repurchase these products, they suit my skin so nicely and the overall result makes my skin glow. However, with the price being so high (£40) I would find it expensive to repurchase the skincare again.


4 thoughts on “Liz Earle Skincare Review

    1. I totally get your concern! I’m so worried as well especially since my skin is so used to it now. I am trying to research alternatives for these products here’s hoping!


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