My Top 3 Liquid Lipsticks

I ADORE liquid lipsticks. I own so many but I promise you they are all a different type of brown and nude. Finding the right type of liquid lipsticks, is hard i normally rely on reviews to guide my to buy lipsticks but sometimes they are not always accurate. I mainly review them on their formula, the staying power and overall rating. Here are some of my favourite liquid lipsticks I will still wear to this day.

Kylie Cosmetics

This brand is a very well known company for their expensive and overhyped lipsticks and sadly I was a sucker for this. I really enjoy these lipsticks I believe that this brand is the dominant brand in my collection. The colours are simple, modest and amazing quality. One disadvantage is the shipping and customs I have to pay when it arrives to UK.


The formula can described and think and pigmented. However, I think this only applies for mainly nude lipsticks. I’ve seen review where the darker the lipstick the streaky the formula gets, but I haven’t noticed that yet. It’s very easy to apply to the lips and dries quickly. It can get a little dry on the lips so I always put vaseline before applying the liquid lipstick

Staying Power

This lipstick has amazing staying power! It only starts to wear off when I eat something oily which is normal for lipstick to do that. Overall, it last me for up to 6 hours which is the typical time I wear it.


Anastasia Beverly Hills

Unfortunately, Anastasia Beverly Hills doesn’t offer the liquid lipsticks in the UK stores, which is a shame because they are amazing to use. I ordered mine from Sephora which was decent considering I had to pay customs upfront.


The formula can described as a creamy texture. I do find this more of a thicker consistently than the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. It doesn’t affect how it stays on the lip but because this formula is quite thick I do find that it takes it time to dry.

Staying Power

The staying power last all day, I thin the creamy formula doesn’t fade away so easily. I’m so impressed over the fact that the lipstick doesn’t give away the dryness sometimes my lips obtain. It feels so lovely on the lips.


Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks

The Huda Beauty were only introduced late last year in the market. I remember purchasing these from Harrods with my friend and was so excited using this. These liquid lipsticks are perfect for a day and night type. The company have mainly stuck to nude and dark tones and recently introduced mini mattes and metals.


The formula is almost unique type of formula. When applying it, this feels almost paper thin on the lips and dries so quickly. Huda Kattan, owner of Huda Beauty states how this liquid lipstick is so hydrating and infused with coconut oil ensuring the lips are never dry. This is something I agree with, the formula is super hydrating and so simple to wear. I was slightly put off at the start towards how thin the formula is but I slowly got use to it till I even forgot I had lipstick on.

Staying Power

Overall the staying power does live up to it’s expectations. I was hesitant to continue to wear this because it felt so weird on my lips. Due to its thin formula is can wipe off with food and drink.


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