Top 5 Brush Brand Favourites


I feel the importance to have a flawless face is the brushes you use in your routine. I have hit and misses with some brushes but here are the brush brands I have fell in love with and continue to use in my routine.

1. Zoeva

I got this eye set for my birthday which I loved so much. It was so hard to find a decent eye set in the market, instead I would’ve to bought separate eye brushes in order to be called a set.  Zoeva is expensive brand to purchase for, but their quality of their brushes make up for it. I love this set and I use it every time I do my eye makeup. Every brush in that set is chosen to perfection and I love the rose gold colouring on them it makes the look really expensive and worth buying.


2. Real Techniques

I remember the hype over the brushes especially when they first came out. I believe the most popular brush from this collection was the face brush, which I still use to this day! They are super affordable and amazing quantity. They also have another metals collection which is more expensive than the other collection of brushes but both work equally as well. I mainly used their face brushes, due to the lack of eye brushes they offer.

3. Crown Brushes

These were my very first brushes ever. I bought the whole brush set when I went to a beauty show and bought these. I love how affordable and great the quantity is without needing to spend so much on bigger brands. I enjoy using these brushes for mainly face purposes especially their contouring brush! They are so easy to clean and maintain and they never fade on the black colour of the brush, which I have noticed some other brands brush do.


4. Spectrum

They are recognised as the unicorn brushes in the blogger world These are far by my favourite brushes yet. I only own the face brush, which is so ideal for powdering my face. The bristles are really soft and I love the ombre brush colour which makes it stand out against my brush collection. This company is vegan and cruelty free brand as well so it makes the brush extra special.

5. NYX Cosmetics

I only own one of the NYX brushes, which I am far impressed by. I bought the fan brush which is a look more thicker than a normal fan brush other brands sell. I tend to use this for contour rather than highlighter because of the angle of the brush is. This reason is similar to real techniques because it is an affordable range of brushes and their quality of brushes are amazing to buy.


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