My Skin Journey


I have struggled for acne for years, my skin has come so far but still needs improving. I was thankful to have someone who knew about how to look after skin and was taught a lot of things that can help improve my skin.

First I want to talk about my personal experience with my skin. I started to develop spots when I was 11, it was natural to have spots but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I just left it to in hopes it would go away. Throughout the years until I was 15, I started to get really insecure about my skin. I started noticing I was getting spots around my forehead and my skin was really oily. I remember sitting in the doctors and the doctor pointed at my face and asked if I needed some cream for my acne, let’s just say I was mortified.

I decided to take some action with my skin and learnt how to look after my skin with facial wash and moisturise. I continued with it, but eventually gave up because it was going nowhere. Go to the time I was 16, I was in college and I felt that enough was enough I started to pay attention to myself more and wanting to improve myself to become a better person. Since a close person of mine was a professional beautician I was introduced to skincare products that would help improve my skin, which was Elemis. It took a while to get in the routine for my skin and while also having a skin routine I decided to make some changes for myself as well to improve my skin, so heres my tips into improving my skin.


1.A good skin routine

A good skincare is needed, you don’t need so many products but a stable routine is needed to ensure you keep all the bad dirt and bacteria off your face. There is no need to buy the most expensive brands out there, there are affordable products that give the best results. Normally a skincare routine normally consist of:

  • Exfoliating Scrub
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum (optional)
  • Moisturiser (For day and night)

2. Drink lots of water

A lot of the time when I have spots, I drink a litre of water (NOT ALL AT ONCE!) but throughout the day to ensure my system is clean and my skin would feel cleaner. It is recommend that you drink up to two litres and if you can do that, then you are amazing! I feel that makes such a different to my skin.

3. Food Consumption

I’ve only done this recently but I felt that not eating so much oily and fast food makes such a difference towards my skin. I started to eat meals and avoid skipping them, of course now and then I have some fast food but I’ve learnt to control how much of that I eat. Of course junk food like chocolate and crisps have been cut down as well as well as fizzy drinks, mainly because I want to improve my diet. Now and then I eat chocolate but I feel dark chocolate is the best alternative.

4. Stress 

Stress also causes your skin to produce more oil especially around the T-Zone so, although we can’t help it make sure you don’t build up a lot of stress because this can negatively impact your skin. Of course it’s really hard to control stress if you are a student or working, but stress can affect your skin so its always good to let loose give yourself a pamper day/ hour in order for yourself and your skin a well deserved break.

5. Exercise

I do some exercise in order to stay fit and energised. I don’t do this a lot but I always feel the best when I do it. This can be more benefit for your diet as well but I feel keeping a healthy routine of exercise can help improve your skin and make you feel better throughout the day.

6. Skin Specialists 

I recommend getting facials for a deep cleanse, and there are a wide range of facials that target towards your problem areas. Also seek a dermatologist, if you feel you want help to go in the right direction, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I get regular facials every 6 weeks since i have a good skin routine, I love that deep cleansing session that I have can target my problem areas. It have definitely made a difference.


7. Your Phone

I noticed how I started to get spots around my cheeks when I wasn’t even eating a lot of junk foods, I was advised by someone that my phone can be a factor of causing my spots. The reason is because of we are constantly holding the phones against our cheeks causing bacteria to build up and if we don’t clean it the bacteria will transfer on our skin causing breakouts.



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