Brand Spotlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills


Anastasia Beverly Hills is a brand well known for their amazing brow products. This brand is what majority of the beauty gurus YouTube have or are using. From their contour kits and brows they continue to build an empire and name in the makeup industry.

The first Anastasia Beverly Hills product I ever bought was their brow pencil and clear brow gel. I was hesitant to purchase the promade mainly I didn’t think my eyebrows were to that level yet, also the idea of put promade on my eyebrows scared me thinking they will be too bold. I enjoyed using the products together, the pencil was small enough to give precision something that I found hard in previous brow products I have tried.

The price of the her products are expensive. For example her contour kits range from £39 which is quite pricey if you include the shipping price on top of it. However the price makes up for longevity of the product as well as the pigmentation. If you want a good value product I suggest you save your money to spend on this one.

The packaging on all of the Anastasia products all have the signature brand logo. My favourite packaging of all is the Modern Renaissance palette, which has a velvet exterior which makes it look and feel expensive. I feel that the packaging I’m not a big fan of is her contour kits. They have a cardboard feel on them which makes them feel less expensive, they remind me of the Huda Beauty palette because how flimsy the palette is, I’m so worried if I bend it a lot I might ruin it.


Positive aspects of the brand is their pigmentation and product is always at it’s best. Any Anastasia lovers out there known she doesn’t disappoint how well the product applies on the face and how beautiful they blend on the skin.

I love that her products fit to a different range of skin shades, such as her foundation sticks which offer a range of shades suitable for every skin tone out there as well as her brow products and contour kits. This makes it available for anyone to purchase this product and enjoy it, something that I see a brand rarely achieve in makeup.

Another positive is that they are cruelty free! Meaning they don’t test on animals which is something I am so glad about.

Besides the contour packaging feeling slightly cheap feeling, I don’t have much negative to say about this brand. The only disadvantage is I wish Anastasia Beverly Hills is available in UK stores because majority of her products can be difficult to obtain online if you don’t know the right places.

Anastasia Beverly Hills is one of the best brands in market. A high and sought out brand she does’t disappoint with her line of new products. I can’t wait to see if she does expand her brand to the UK customers to be able to shop her products in store, how cool would that be?!

If you want to shop for Anastasia Products in the UK they are available online at:

Anastasia Beverly Hills UK



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