Review & Swatch: Smashbox Lipglosses



I received this Smashbox lipgloss set for my birthday. As a lipstick addict, I normally don’t reach for a lipgloss because its longevity of a lipstick. My forever love and preference will always be liquid matte. however I pushed my opinions aside and decided to try the lip gloss on top on my lipsticks as well as by itself. Before beginning my review below are the lip glosses available in the set and what colours they are:

  • Bare Light (shimmer nude pink)
  • Fuchsia Light (hot pink shimmer)
  • Lilac Light (sheer purple)
  • Orange Light (sheer orange)
  • Ruby Light (sheer red)



The lip gloss doesn’t feel expensive it is a plastic bottle and it’s packed with 5 small bottles secured inside in a box. The packaging of the lip gloss is in a small size tube with an unscrewable lid. There is a stopper, so you don’t get too much product on the applicator. The bottle is clear so it’s easy to identity what colour lipgloss it is as well as the name of the colour on the bottom of the lipgloss.




The value of this set is £20.00 which is a reasonable price considering it is a high end brand and there is a mixture of lipgloss to choose from.


The formula is thin and slightly sticky. If I compare to this to my Kylie Cosmetics lipgloss I say that her formula is more smooth and silky. However it does feel nice wearing on my lips almost as a lip topper to give the lipstick some shine. I feel the formula is thin, therefore I would need to apply a generous coat on my lips so I can get the maximum impact of colour.

Overall Result

Overall, I do enjoy the lipgloss. As I am not a avid lipgloss fan I wouldn’t wear it as much as I normally wear my lipstick however I did give a try and did enjoy wearing them. Unfortunately this set is now sold out everywhere, so I couldn’t find any links to purchase them. Here are some swatches below, please keep in mine they look different on every skintone.





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