Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition

The Huda Beauty palette has been long awaited on my list for future purchases. I was hesitant to purchase it as seeing the reviews and asking around to bloggers they all seemed to have mixed reactions about it. So heres my thoughts on the Huda Beauty palette.


Review of the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition


The packaging comes in a black slide out cardboard case featuring the signature Huda Beauty eyes and her logo. It is noticeable that her eyes have the gold textured shadows which are featured on the palette.

The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the palette felt as well as how slim it was in my hands. It clearly shows it is made from cardboard with a clear plastic lid that flips open. I do like how convenient the packaging is for everyday uses and travelling however for the price I would expect more of a expensive looking as well as feeling palette with a mirror and brush. For example the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is made out of cardboard but has a velvet exterior with a mirror and brush included inside giving an expensive feel. However the quality of the shadows slightly makes up for this.


I purchased this from Cult Beauty for £56, which is one of the most expensive palette I have purchased to date. Shipping costs were free if you spend over £50 however this only applied for Standard delivery. I ordered on the Thursday and this arrived on Monday.

The palette is very pricey comparing to a lot of high end brands such as Too Faced and Tarte they range from £30-£40 I was very surprised to see this at such a high amount. With over 18 eyeshadows available the price for this palette is not completely unreasonable.


Shade Range:

The shade range within the palette is comparing towards the Anastasia Beverly Hulls modern renaissance with its pinks and red shadows available. The shadow shades they have chosen have neutrals to pops of colours. I can see myself using this palette for weddings even for simple daytime looks.

The palette has three finishes;

Textured Shadows- Foiled pressed pigments
Pressed Pearl Shadows
Matte Shadows


I will breakdown the formula into three sections and I will go into detail to my thoughts and of the shadows and how well they apply in my personal experience.

Textured Shadows:
There are 6 textured shadows available, which are dense foil pressed pigments. They are a hit of miss depending on the colours you will use. I feel that the three popular colours in the palette (Rose Gold, 24k, Trustfund) are what I describe as clumpy and less pigmented, they can look like this when applying on the eyes especially when you first apply which I didn’t find so appealing. The other textured shadows such as Fling and Dubai do live to their expectations and apply nicely to the eyes but I am quite disappointed because those colours wouldn’t be the colours I would reach for.

Pressed Pearl Shadows:
There are 2 pressed pearl shadows which I describe as creamy and pigmented. They have a fine shimmer and make up for the clumpy textured shadow.

Matte Shadows:

I heard people say how powdery and how they lack pigmentation when applying to the eyes. I do understand that it is powdery because there was some fall out from my brush. The application personally was pleasant they showed nicely on my eyes and they were blending nicely when I applied it with a Zoeva brush. I think they apply nicely on the eyes rather than the arms, don’t be put off by the swatches on the arms try it on the eyes.


Overall, I am slightly disappointed at this palette, while the matte shadows and pearl shadows beautifully blend together the textured shadows don’t live their expectations I suggest maybe applying some fix plus in order to achieve good results with the textured shadows. If you are only purchasing for the textured shadows you are better off purchasing another palette.




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