Are Sleek highlighters worth the hype?

Sleek highlighters were one of the hyped products of last year. I remember while shopping with my friends and she spotted this on the sleek counter and how she heard such good reviews about them.

I only purchased my highlighters late last year and my first one was Cleo’s Kiss which was mainly creamy highlighters rather than the strong pigmented highlighters on the other palettes. To be fair, I was disappointed I was thinking what’s the hype about? I had high hopes on the sleek highlighters so I was upset to see this product failing. I purchased another highlighter Solstice and that changed my perspective on the sleek highlighters.

I was so pleased to see the highlighter live to my expectations. There is a mixture of powder and creams so I definitely recommend you buy this sleek highlighter. The highlighters are so easy to pick up on the brush, I use my Zoeva fan brush to highlight the high points of my face. For my birthday I was gifted Cleo’s kiss and the palette was similar to Solstice with the mixture of powders and creams filled with neutral and warm highlighters.


The value of the highlighter is £9.99 which is an ideal price if you are on a budget and it has a mixture of four highlighters.


All the Sleek highlighters have different colours so its easy to know which highlighter is which. It’s a plastic packaging available with a mirror and a brush which is perfect for the travel life.


Overall the product is beautiful and affordable. Some things are a hit or miss, such are the cream products and hard to apply leaving me disappointed at the product, the powder do well on their own if you do feel that it’s lacking that highlight maybe apply to some fix plus or setting spray to up the intensity.

Sleek highlighters are available on these UK websites:

Sleek MakeUp


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