Makeup Favourites of 2016

Now we are near to the new year I thought it would nice to make a post of my makeup favourite this year of 2016. I have purchased so much makeup this year, so it was very hard to decide which was my ultimates favourites. Here my favourites range from highlights, lipsticks and shadows and have changed my life.


 Semi-Sweet Chocolate bar palette Too Faced

One of my favourite palettes that I have bought. I purchased this on the Black Friday sale in Debenhhams,which was 10% off. The range of colours are so beautifully thought out and I do prefer this from the original chocolate palette. I do enjoy the colours and how well pigmented they are, they are easily to apply and for my first Too Faced purchase I am impressed. I am still figuring when to use the bright blue colour but hoping in the near future I will be able to use it.

Modern Renaissance Anastasia Beverly Hills

The Modern Renaissance palette was one of the overhyped products in 2016. It was so hard getting this palette and seeing so many bloggers fall in love with this palette of course I wanted to purchase one as well. This was available on Cult Beauty and I placed myself on the waiting list and waited until it came back in stock.  Getting this palette was beautiful, the exterior has a velvet packaging and the inside it has a variety of glittery and matte shades, with various tones through oranges, reds and pinks. Overall, this palette has been lovely to use, I wish I am confident to experiment with it more though.


Precisely, My Brow Pencil Benefit

Anyone who follows my Instagram knows this will be seen in my makeup of the day pictures. I can’t stress enough how amazing this product is for my brows. I have sparse brows so filling in with the shade number 4 I use this drawing lines in my brows and then blending it altogether with the spoolie brush on the other side. This makes my brows look natural especially during the day when I don’t want to a heavy brow I know that this product can help ensure my brows look flawless and natural.


Sheer Glow Foundation Nars

After finishing with my foundation I decided to explore other brands. After a recommendation from the friend of how much she adores this foundation, I decided to purchase this. Before purchasing I looked on YouTube wanting to find other people’s opinion on this product as well and found that they prefer the sheer glow over the weightless luminous foundation by Nars. I use the shade Barcelona, and fine the perfectly fits my face. I only two pumps because a little goes a long way and blend it with my beauty blender although it does recommend using hands. One disadvantage is that it can oxidize on your face but it doesn’t bother me.

Champagne Face Palette Becca x Jaclyn Hill 

In my previous blog post I praised how amazing this product is and it still continues to be worth of that title. I love the entire palette, I have started to use all the blushes available in the palette giving a beautiful glow on my face. The packaging is beautiful and it comes with a big mirror so I would bring this with me when I need to do my makeup on the go. I don’t have any problems with this palette, I believe this was a purchase that was worth it.

Solstice Sleek Makeup

This product had gotten the blogger community talking. After purchasing one for my friend on her birthday I decided to get one for myself as an extra treat. Previously purchasing Precious Metals, I wasn’t entirely impressed with that one, however when I purchased solstice I prefer that one more. I love the highlighters, they are so much rich and pigmented. I noticed my friends uses them on her eyes which look gorgeous, so they work beautifully on both the face and the eyes.

Translucent Face Powder Laura Mercier

Having only to purchase this in the beginning of this month, so far I have been impressed. My previous NYX powder have left my face with a white cast in picture, whereas this one makes my makeup stay on all day and so far I haven’t noticed a white cast. Overall, I am pleased with this product I do think it is a expensive product to purchase but it doesn’t disappoint and it is something I can recommend to something if they are looking for a face powder.


Kylie Lip Kits

Another over hyped product that was so hard to get earlier in the year. I remember waiting and only being able to get two lip kits which were Dolce K and Candy K. I was disappointed to see I was faced with customs which then I had to wait to buy some more in the summer. So far I own quite a bit of lip kits mainly of the nudes and pinks because thats what I find to be safe colours for my lips. I do enjoy these lip kits and they are well pigmented on the lips. I love that they don’t transfer and stay on all day, unless you are eating then it will start to wear off. I hope to purchase more Kylie Lip kits but for now I am satisfied with what I have.

Huda Beauty Lipsticks

Huda Beauty only started after Kylie launched hers. There was so many comparisons between the two and what people preferred. I don’t have a preference I enjoy both companies and the colours are beautiful to wear. They both smell amazing and are hydrating on the lips. I do believe that the Huda Beauty Lipsticks have a thinner formula and take a bit longer to dry. I don’t have a interest to buy more, but in the near future if she does release more colour we shall see.

Enjoy x



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