Top 3 Winter Perfumes

Here are my top 3 winter perfumes inspired by the Winter season. What inspired me to include these perfumes are their strong and lingering scents every time I put them on. I enjoy wearing perfume, I feel that you can become playful with your scent depending on where you are going and your mood. These scents are the most worn for this season. With the new year  approaching, I am hoping to purchase more perfume but for now I am enjoying the ones I currently have.

Gucci Guilty Diamond by Gucci

I heard this perfume from my friend when I compliment on the perfume she was wearing. This was a limited edition perfume which I purchased last year. So far, I haven’t had any negative thoughts towards this perfume. Personally, this is one of my favourite scents for the winter. This can be almost as my safe perfume, I would wear this if i am in a rush and I quickly grab something from my collection.


Fantasy Twist by Britney Spears

My favourite celebrity perfumes from all time would be the Britney Spears perfume collection. My all time favourite of hers is the Rocker Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy. I enjoy the scents due to the light and floral scents. Some positive aspects are that they are affordable and available on the high street. I haven’t been disappointed with the scents so far however in my opinion, she does tend to go for a similar boarder within her scents. The fantasy twist include two separate perfumes ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Midnight Fantasy’ all both have a individual scent of their own. This can described as a day and night scent so you can alter between the two if you wish.

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

This perfume has been on my list for a very long time. I purchased this on Black Friday sale and only hold this towards special occasions. Chanel perfumes are known for their strong scents and this doesn’t disappoint. I have to apply careful amounts with this perfume in case someone might inhale a lot of this perfume if they sit next to me. I chose this as a winter scent is because its musky and strong reminds me on the Christmas season such as the trees and firewood. I enjoy wearing this perfume so far, I think the downside for me, is mainly having to save up to purchase it due to its expensive amount. Thats Chanel for you.

Enjoy x


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