Review & Swatch: Tarte In The Bloom Palette

When I decided to get into the hype of Tarte in Bloom I was sadden to see it was sold out. I waited for months on the official Tarte website until my friend told me it was available on QVC and was on offer. I decided to purchase it and paying £3 for delivery and it came through the post only 3 days later. The offer on QVC gave a small discount towards and palette as well as a Tarte eye shadow brush.


The packaging on the product I felt a was disappointed at the size. In the pictures it looks like a decent size palette, so I was expecting a lot more. However I did get use to the size and now use the palette for travelling due to its convenient size being able to fit in the my bag.


The colours of the palette are mainly neutral. They range from shimmers but the matte colours overtake the palette. They don’t have a pop of colour in the palette, which is something I enjoy. I dont prefer owning palettes with a pop of colour and that might disheartened me to buy it because I know I won’t use it. Overall, I feel the palette is full of similar browns and reds, if don’t prefer a similar range of neutral colours then this is a palette I wouldn’t recommend to you.


The value of the packaging costs £33, I think as a palette that is pricey especially with the size and amount of colours you may get. I think overall, you might as well be paying for a brand. However, with the price is does live to it’s expectation through it colours and pigmentation hold when applying the shadow.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, I feel the palette is a beautiful palette. I do love the pigmentation and colours, especially for someone who prefers neutral palettes. Although I feel the price is a lot, the overall result of the application pays it off. I feel that it does feel an overhyped product especially by the beauty gurus out there I felt the need to have to pay it.

I would give this palette a 8/10.


Please note swatches may vary on different skin tones. 🙂


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