Huda Beauty: Black Friday Haul

When Huda Beauty announced that she is releasing a bundle exclusive for Black Friday I was so excited and waiting for the time to be released. I do enjoy the Huda Beauty products recently purchasing two liquid mattes. I never purchased on the Huda Beauty website before so I didn’t know what I was expecting.

Purchasing the Product

As there wasn’t a time on when the website would go live to shop I had to rely on Instagram to give the update. Overall it took more than an hour to buy the product due to so many people were on it. It felt as I was buying Kylies lip kits all over again, I felt it was difficult to check out I nearly ended buying three of the products because it just kept loading when I was trying to add in my cart. After an hour I purchased the product it took 20 minutes for the payment to go through and shortly the email came that my order was complete.


As the delivery was coming from Dubai, I was expecting the delivery to take over a week or so. My experience with international deliveries mostly come from Kylie Cosmetics so I was calculating the time it would take for that to come. I was expecting customs which I ended up paying £23.00 I was slightly shocked at the price, but that’s what happens when you buy makeup from out of the UK. The delivery came in 2 days surprised me and delivered to my door Monday morning.


The package includes:

  • Five fake eyelashes: Harmony, Samantha, Scarlett, Noelle and Camill
  • Lash glue
  • Three mini matte lipsticks: Bombshell and Medusa, Heartbreaker
  • Two lip contours: Trendsetter and Trophy Wife
  • 3 packets of Huda Beauty tattoos




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