Review & Swatch : Jefferre Star Cosmetics Lipsticks

When Beauty Bay had their ‘Fleek Out’ weekend offer, I tempted myself into purchasing some new products from there. I was super excited to see Beauty Bay finally stocked Jeffree Star cosmetics mainly because it was so hard to obtain these lipsticks because they were out of stock on the official website as well and having to pay a large shipping fee and customs to ships to the UK. What I do love about Jeffree Star Cosmetics is that the products are Vegan.

I purchased two lipsticks mainly as I was intrigued, the colours I purchased was Posh Spice and Agronomy. Both are similar tones of browns mainly because that was I was comfortable of. My friend purchased Jeffree Star previously and she loved the colours herself, so I was sold into buying them.


The Formula of the liquid lipstick is very thin and easy applicable. I was impressed on the application on my lips as it didn’t leave any patchness and it instantly dried quickly. The colour didn’t transfer off my lips so I didn’t have to worry about any lipstick marks on my drinks. The smell of the lipstick is not very appealing for me but that wasn’t a big factor however I constantly did smell it when I was applying the lipsticks.


The packaging is a considerable size, it has a pink lid made of a glass plastic tube. What I love is that I can see the product inside the packaging, so I am able to know how much product I have left. The brush makes it very easy to apply to lipstick along my lips, it is very similar towards the Kylie LipKit brush and personally that’s something very important when applying the lipstick.


From Beauty Bay the lipstick values £16.00 per lipstick, which is a reasonable price for a singular liquid lipstick. Please note that not all the Jefree Star lipsticks are not avaliable on the Beauty Bay website but colours are getting added on regular basis.



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