How I Keep My Lips Hydrated

Naturally my lips get very dry, it doesn’t look very nice when I wear lipstick and you can see patches of skin on my lips. With wearing lipsticks especially mattes I use these steps to ensure my lips stay hydrated with the application of the lipstick and the time I take it off. Here are my tips to how I keep my lips dry.


This step is key towards getting your lips super smooth and moisturised. I use a lush bubblegum lip scrub however there are natural recipes of lip scrubs online if you desire to use that instead. My top tip is not to scrub you lips when the lips are completely dry as this can irritate the lip, so I wet the lips before applying the lip scrub.


It is important for your lips to stay hydrated, no matter how you exfoliate. Think of this as a moisture, you use lip balm to ensure the lips stay smooth and they are less likely to dry. I use the vaseline lip therapy, for a very long time and I ensure I moisturise my lips when I do my morning routine and my evening routine.

Before applying any matte lipstick I put a thin layer of lip balm on my lips especially with the Kylie Lipkits.


When apply any form of lipstick, I always put some concealer or foundation on my lips. This ensures no discolouration from the lips comes from when I apply the lipstick. It’s not an essential part when applying lipstick but it does give a clean look towards the lipstick. I also use concealer as a last minute touch up to clean up any lipstick over my lip line. This ensures I have a clean look for makeup.

Products in the photo:

Vaseline ‘Lip Therapy’

Lush ‘Bubblegum’ Lip Scrub

Mac concealer point

Angled Brush

Kylie Cosmetics lipstick in ‘Candy K’



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