Scent Feature: Balenciaga Florabotanica Review

Florabotanica is one of my favourite scents. I was first gifted this perfume for my birthday and I worn it ever since. This is my second bottle now because it goes so quickly! Whenever I wear this scent, I get so many compliments on what perfume I am wearing.

I do believe with this scent a little goes a long way, as it is a very strong scent that leaves a big impact.

On the John Lewis website the perfume is described as:

“A reinvention of the rose, florabotanica embodies the spirit of the Balenciaga house. Architectural floral and hypnotic notes are fused with rose with carnation and amber, wild mint with caladium folia and vetiver giving the fragrance a bold and abstract edge.”


The packaging can be described as a heavy glass material. The product seems to be worth the money, however it is not fully glass so you would not have to worry about the product dropping and breaking. It’s transparent so you are able to see how much product is left inside.


I bought this perfume for £56.00 from the perfume shop, however there are shops who do one or two pounds less for this perfume. I find this perfume very long lasting even I end my day I can still smell the scent on my clothes.


Overall, I adore this perfume. It has never failed me and it has become my go to perfume when I want to make a statement.

What’s your favourite perfume? Let me know 🙂


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