Review & Swatch: Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics was started by Kylie Jenner in August 2015. The only way to purchase these lipkits are from Kylie Here’s my honest review and swatches of Kylie Cosmetics that I have purchased over the last 8 months. 



The package varies between the glosses, metals and mattes. The singular mattes, lip pencil, glosses and metals they are singular packets. The lip kits are packaging with a lip kit and lipstick. The packaging has lips with the colour of the lipstick on the front on the lips.


The only way to purchase these lipkits is through The lipkits are worth $29.00 which is decent for both the lip liner and lipstick. Shipping was a lot and on top of that it is more likely get customs while getting in the UK. The downside is that as you can only purchase this from the kylie cosmetics website meaning you are going to have to go through expensive shipping and customs.


The formula is very light, although it does cling on the creases of your lips. This can make the lips look very crinkly and dry. the colours I have purchased don’t crumble off and they stay on for a very long time. I always apply a little bit of vaseline before the lipkit so my lips don’t dry during the application of the lipkit. The lip liner is super creamy and very easy to apply. It can be sharpened by any sharpener so you still have a lot of product left.


The scent is a very sweet, vanilla smell and the lipsticks and glosses have that while the metals have a very distinct scent of the vanilla. Some find the scent very sickly due to the overpowering vanilla smell.


Overall, I am pleased with the product. I adore the products, I think I would purchase it more if it wasn’t so expensive to buy on top of shipping and customs.

Swatches of the Kylie Lipkits

Here are the swatches of the lipkits I have purchased. The lipkits may vary towards each skin tone depending on the colours of the lips.  

Do you have any Kylie Lipkits? Which shade is your favourite?








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