Review: Sleek ‘Matte Me’ Liquid Lipsticks

Sleek is a high street makeup brand and is known for its affordable products. Some of their popular products include their contour kits and highlighters palettes.

However I’ve haven’t seen their liquid lipsticks so widely talked about, mainly I’ve seen them as dupes for the Kylie Lip Kits. So, I decided to test these out t. I bought two liquid Sleek lipsticks and put them to the test, I will test their application, long wear and the aftermath of wearing the lipsticks. The two colours I have purchased were Fandango Purple and Rioja Red.


I always apply a thin layer of lip balm before any application of lipsticks and apply the lipstick these ensures my lips won’t look and feel very dry throughout the day. The application of the lipsticks was easy however they need to be applied VERY carefully with the applicator as they do stain around the lips, but nothing with a little concealer to clean it up those edges. The brush itself wasn’t the best brush. I wish it would’ve have been  softer because that limits how the lipstick having to applied so carefully as well.


Long wear

I wore the lipstick throughout the whole day. I ate and drank with the lipstick on not keeping in mind there was lipstick on my mouth. I did do a quick check of the lipstick after and noticed the colour had faded a bit but there wasn’t any visible sign of the liquid lipstick flaking off my lips. I wore the lipstick for a total of 8 hours, the only difference was the colour fading slightly from this mornings’ application but other than that the lipstick stayed on perfectly. My Lips did feel a bit dry as well, but that could be because of how long I was wearing the liquid lipstick.


After taking the colour off my lip they did leave a tint of colour so, I applied a small layer of vaseline and would need to scrub my lips the morning after. Overall, I found the lipsticks a decent product to use and I would definitely wear it again. The price is affordable if you are living on a budget and there are a selection of colours available. One thing I would change is the brush for an easier application. I would rate this product a 7/10.

Swatches are available below:


Swatches of the Liquid Lipsticks


Sleek Makeup is available in stores/ websites:


What’s your thoughts on sleek makeup?


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