Review: BECCA x JACLYN HILL Champange Collection Face Palette

The BECCA x JACLYN HILL Champagne Collection is a well-known collaboration in the makeup business. Of course, every blogger and guru out there was talking about the all famous shade Champagne Pop. I decided to go ahead and buy one for myself, to see the rave about it. I wanted to still see reviews before purchasing so I went to YouTube and was looking at gurus talking about the products. During this time I saw YouTuber Adeline Morin talk about a review of the BECCA x JACLYN HILL Champaign Collection you can find the video here. I did more research and found out recently that Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection was recently released where there was eye shadows, face palettes and so much more!

I was disheartened by the fact that this collection would only be released in the US and purchasing it’s from Sephora would mean paying expensive shipping which is not so nice for my bank account. I decided to keep my eyes out for any releases of the Champagne Collection in the UK in hopes I can purchase it and found it in Space NK, where there’s cheaper prices for a lot of BECCA products.

I was ultimately happy but still wanting to purchase the Champagne Pop by itself I weighed the pros and cons through both products and bought the Champagne face palette from the collection. I knew the Champagne Pop itself would be there but I wasn’t sure how long the Palette would be there for. I hesitated with this palette because blushes are the makeup products I don’t use due to finding blushes looking too vibrant on my skin, but I decided to go with it and hoping I’m getting my money’s worth.

Overall there a five colours available, 3 blushes and 2 highlighters so I wasn’t missing out of the Champagne Pop. They are all highly pigmented and suit my tanned skin very well. I enjoy using the products and a little goes a long way for them. I wear it everyday but fear it may go very quickly 😂. It also includes a new highlighter called Prosecco Pop, a warm gold to give a sweet subtle glow, I only use this for a night out. The palette also includes Champagne Pop so I wasn’t missing out; a luminous blush shade, Rosé Spritz, which is a sparkly pink with gold accents; and two matte blushes: Amaretto, my favourite blush a toasted almond, and Pamplemousse, a coral pink.

The packaging was big and the amount of product did feel it was worth the money of the palette. Overall I am pleased with this, I felt that this was so talked about I wanted to include my review and opinion about.

Unfortunately, it’s not available on Space NK anymore but I still can link it so you can see reviews and the palette is still available on Sephora.


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