My Mac Lipstick Collection

Ever since I started to get into makeup, I have always loved Mac products. My first ever product was their translucent powder and I used it all the time!

My first purchase from Mac was a matte lipstick ‘Ruby Woo’, I was so excited to get my first product as well as the cute shopping bags that I still save on my desk today.

Since then my Mac makeup has been growing but, the lipsticks have taken a brief pause due to my obsessive liquid lipstick collection (Thanks Kylie) however, for now this is my Mac lipstick collection.

List of lipsticks include: 

👉🏼 ‘Ruby Woo’, a retro matte with a blue undertone.

👉🏼 ‘Dubonnet’, a cream a amplified lipstick that doesn’t need a lot of application.

👉🏼 ‘Dare You’, a cream sheen lipstick slightly lighter than Dubonnet.

👉🏼 ‘Glamour Era’, a nude mineralise rich lipstick with a pink tone.

👉🏼 ‘Taupe’, a matte nude lipstick which is my all time favourite!

What are your favourite Mac lipsticks?


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